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Breaking records on new fiberline project in Chile

When the Chilean company CMPC needed design innovation and skill to increase the capacity of their paper pulp mill at Santa Fé near Nacimiento, about 500 kilometres south of Santiago, we were their choice for engineering, procurement and construction management services.

Amec Foster Wheeler has a long-term relationship with the company, spanning more than 25 years and has a strong local presence. The design capacity of the new mill was 780,000 tonnes of bleached eucalyptus market pulp.

"That we could construct this mill without any safety or environmental problems, start it up and bring it to full production in world record time, and operate it today with complete transparency for the authorities and our customers, is a grand tribute to all involved."
Sergio Colvin, Managing Director, CMPC Celulosa

The innovative plant improvements were delivered under budget and the new plant – one of the lowest cost ‘fiberline’ projects ever – reached full production in a record 171 days. The plant has already achieved an impressive safety record and demonstrated environmental leadership, with fourteen national and international audits passed during start-up.

Amec Foster Wheeler is looking forward to inclusion in CMPC’s future expansion plans in Chile. Currently, CMPC operates three pulp mills in Chile, using only man planted forests, and it has a diversified export sales network reaching over 30 countries.

Location:Nacimiento, Chile
Client:CMPC Celulosa
Value:US$375 million (Project)
Scope:Engineering, procurement, construction management services