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Baking industry consolidation and asset relocation

Efficiency improvements, ‘economies of scale’, and other business factors have been driving many manufacturing industries to consolidation. For the food and beverage industry this has included soft drink, cereal, confectionary, snack, and bakery facilities.

As part of the consolidation, the increased demand for flexibility in production can result in upgrades to new equipment and components. The consolidation and relocation of systems in the new facility requires diligent planning and coordination with the existing facility, to minimize the impact to continuing production operations. From planning and design, to construction management and commissioning, Amec Foster Wheeler has provided the services necessary to implement these complex consolidation projects.

The equipment systems that are to be salvaged from an existing facility must be assessed as part of a survey. This task is critical to the planning and success of the consolidation project. Amec Foster Wheeler has extensive experience with this. As part of the project implementation methods, we have developed proprietary database management to track all design and project information. This minimizes issues during installation. We are convinced that this attention to detail is a significant differentiator and contributor to our history of project success.

Salvage of batch mixers, ovens, coolers, packaging, and other equipment systems requires coordination of transportation and logistics. International customs clearance is an added issue in some instances.

A major upgrade to the automation controls and plant data acquisition often accompanies a consolidation project. We strive to maximize the benefits of these controls upgrades to permit the customer to achieve the desired efficiency improvements.

Asset relocation projects often require significant expansions or modifications of the facility and support services. Amec Foster Wheeler has a wide range of experience, with complete multi-discipline engineering and project services to support these needs. This includes such diverse scope items as warehouses and docks, waste treatment, incoming utility services, additional utility equipment, expansion of personnel support such as change rooms, and reconfiguration of roads and driveways.

Any consolidation project has the potential to impact existing permitting and may require new environmental permits. Also, there will be potential upgrades to fire protection and expansion of existing electrical power supplies. Consolidation projects also present additional challenges of planning project safety around the existing facility operations. These factors must be identified and managed, to deliver a safe work environment.

Amec Foster Wheeler has met the challenge of relocating assets and optimizing the configuration of production assets, so our customers can improve performance and achieve success.

Location:United States, Canada, Mexico
Scope:Consolidation, asset relocation, optimizing process design, controls automation upgrades, facilities upgrades, utilities, environmental permit reviews