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Award winning low impact development stormwater design – a first in Canada

The Currie Barracks Brownfield project is the latest of a dozen initiatives across North America that use urban stormwater run-off to create greenscape in urban settings. We replaced the former base's brownfields - mostly abandoned fields - with rain gardens, vegetated swales and gravel infiltration trenches. Engineers refer to such Earth-friendly design techniques as low-impact development (LID).

Due to the restrictions on discharging into the existing downstream storm sewer facilities, stormwater source control are required at this site. LID BMPs were the only way to successfully achieve these targets. The Currie Barracks re-development is part of the pilot program for LEED Neighbourhood Development (ND) certification.

The existing site is serviced by the City of Calgary stormwater utilities. To develop the area into a residential / commercial site, we were required to follow strict stormwater management regulations to meet the low discharge capacities in the downstream storm sewers. Source control facilities were designed to reduce peak storm flows and enhance water quality. LID BMP features - such as infiltration trenches, bio-swales, rain gardens and grass swales - were designed throughout the site to meet the discharge requirements.

Specific services include: We provided all preliminary and final design for the stormwater management plan and is providing construction inspection services. LID features were incorporated into the hydrologic and hydraulic modelling. Pre-design and detailed design contributions included surface and sub-surface infiltration and drainage systems and inlet / outlet controls.

Location:Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Client:Canada Lands Company
Scope:Preliminary design, engineering design, construction oversight and inspection
Date:2007 - 2010