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Assessing drain conditions for Plant City industrial park

Constructed during the 1970s, the Plant City Industrial Park is located just south of Plant City Airport. Since the parks initial development took place in the 1970s, when stormwater management regulations did not exist, it was determined that the infrastructure was substandard. This has led to issues of uncontrolled water run-off, both inside and outside the park. Plant City, which maintains water and sewer services to the industrial park, required our assistance in assessing the drain conditions at the park and developing an action plan.

To find a solution to the issues of uncontrolled water run-off, we completed an investigation to determine its causes and provided its findings and solutions to the City of Plant City through a phased ‘Master Drainage Plan’ approach. In addition, we reviewed the roadway infrastructure within the Industrial City to determine what improvements would be necessary in order to improve traffic-movement and identify any road restoration concerns.

We provided Plant City with a solution to their uncontrolled water run-off and an evaluation of the roadway infrastructure to determine the necessary improvements to traffic-movement, and assisted with securing all the necessary permits and documentation, that was required for the proposed project improvements.

Location:Plant City, Florida
Client:Plant City
Scope:Planning, hydrogeological modeling, permitting, stormwater management